Monday, 1 July 2013

All Inclusive Ads Review 2013

You often hear it said that all good things must come to an end, but that appears to be a phrase that simply doesn’t apply to All Inclusive Ads. I have spoken before about how a program can only really be deemed as great if it continues to deliver in the long term and that is exactly what AIA has done for me. Judging by many of the comments left on my previous articles it would seem that I am not the only one cashing in on this great program.

As is the case with my previous posts, I am going to grade how I am doing with All Inclusive Ads and where the vast majority of my leads and sales are coming from. I had previously mentioned that I was now operating two separate AIA accounts, and that continues to be the case. Now onto the results:

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall 9.5/10

Once again I am incredibly tempted to give this full marks, but I just don’t like the idea of overselling any one method in that way. That said, a solid 65% of my sales are still coming in through this particular route.

You Tube Videos: Overall 9/10

I’m moving YouTube up half a point over my last rating, simply because it is delivering at a far steadier rate than ever before. I now have a pair of videos that seem to be doing the vast majority of the leg work, but I really don’t have any complaints about how any of my All Inclusive Ads videos are performing. The feedback is very much in the positive for all of them, which is always a good sign. I really do recommend using microgig services if you are looking to get quality videos made for an incredibly small investment.

Social Bookmarking: Overall 8.5/10

I am tempted to drop this a half point, as it seems to have stagnated a little. The reason that I am keeping it the same is because if I take out the pair of AIA links that went viral in my last update the results have in fact remained very steady.

Article Submission: Overall 9/10

An increase of a half point here, thanks in large part to a pair of great writers that I found on microgig sites. They have been delivering quality articles that seem to be building a steady increase in backlinks.

Blog Posting: Overall 9/10

Another half point increase here as the software that I am using to track AIA member links continues to deliver. In my last update I mentioned that there were 394 blogs that contained links. That number has now crossed the 500 mark, and the good news is that they are all on the types of niche sites that help deliver great targeted leads.

My experience with All Inclusive Ads continues to be incredibly positive, to the point where I am now considering adding a third account. I am getting very close now to making the kind of money that I always wanted and I believe that the slow, steady growth approach that I have been taking, as well as the help of AIA, has helped me get there.

Sheila Seib

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