Monday, 1 July 2013

All Inclusive Ads Review 2013

You often hear it said that all good things must come to an end, but that appears to be a phrase that simply doesn’t apply to All Inclusive Ads. I have spoken before about how a program can only really be deemed as great if it continues to deliver in the long term and that is exactly what AIA has done for me. Judging by many of the comments left on my previous articles it would seem that I am not the only one cashing in on this great program.

As is the case with my previous posts, I am going to grade how I am doing with All Inclusive Ads and where the vast majority of my leads and sales are coming from. I had previously mentioned that I was now operating two separate AIA accounts, and that continues to be the case. Now onto the results:

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall 9.5/10

Once again I am incredibly tempted to give this full marks, but I just don’t like the idea of overselling any one method in that way. That said, a solid 65% of my sales are still coming in through this particular route.

You Tube Videos: Overall 9/10

I’m moving YouTube up half a point over my last rating, simply because it is delivering at a far steadier rate than ever before. I now have a pair of videos that seem to be doing the vast majority of the leg work, but I really don’t have any complaints about how any of my All Inclusive Ads videos are performing. The feedback is very much in the positive for all of them, which is always a good sign. I really do recommend using microgig services if you are looking to get quality videos made for an incredibly small investment.

Social Bookmarking: Overall 8.5/10

I am tempted to drop this a half point, as it seems to have stagnated a little. The reason that I am keeping it the same is because if I take out the pair of AIA links that went viral in my last update the results have in fact remained very steady.

Article Submission: Overall 9/10

An increase of a half point here, thanks in large part to a pair of great writers that I found on microgig sites. They have been delivering quality articles that seem to be building a steady increase in backlinks.

Blog Posting: Overall 9/10

Another half point increase here as the software that I am using to track AIA member links continues to deliver. In my last update I mentioned that there were 394 blogs that contained links. That number has now crossed the 500 mark, and the good news is that they are all on the types of niche sites that help deliver great targeted leads.

My experience with All Inclusive Ads continues to be incredibly positive, to the point where I am now considering adding a third account. I am getting very close now to making the kind of money that I always wanted and I believe that the slow, steady growth approach that I have been taking, as well as the help of AIA, has helped me get there.

Sheila Seib

Friday, 10 August 2012

All Inclusive Ads Review (Two Year Update)

To this point you have all read about my success with All Inclusive Ads in the first 7 months of using the traffic generation service.

I believe that this is now the perfect time to fast forward and let you know how I have been doing as the 2 year mark approaches. I think this is a perfect gauge of the long-term effectiveness of a program as some tend to work well early on before faltering over time.

It’s worth noting that on the last update I had added a second account to my All Inclusive Ads program for a total of $55.00 per month. Despite the fact that I have been regularly making a very steady income that far surpasses the amount spent at AIA, I decided to stick with the 2 accounts rather than spreading myself too thin. Here are my results at the 21 month mark:

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall 9.5/10
I am always loathe to give anything full marks, but am very tempted to do so when it comes to PPC advertising. I continue to follow up with every customer that buys from me and am finding that around 60-65% of all sales are coming through this avenue.

You Tube Videos: Overall 8.5/10
I mentioned last time out that All Inclusive Ads had changed out the videos from the time my initial campaign started. One of those had been delivering very well and continues to appeal to a larger audience, so that has remained in place since my last update. AIA also uses a microgig site to host another, much more professional looking video made for the big ticket spenders. The finished video looks great and the feedback on it has been fantastic so far. That accounts for the extra half point on the overall You Tube rating.

Social Bookmarking: Overall 8.5/10
I did particularly well during a 4 month span on social bookmarking as a couple of my AIA links went viral. This resulted in a really nice spike in visitors, and even though it has since dropped off, I am still routinely doing much better in the social bookmarking arena.

Article Submission: Overall 8.5/10
I have seen the page rank of my site climb a couple of points since my last update and have to assume that a good part of that is down to the backlinks created by these articles.

Blog Posting: Overall 8.5/10
I am continuing to see some real progress in this particular area, thanks again to the software I use to track AIA member links. I now see a total of 394 blogs of which contain links that are aimed at online marketers and MLM newbies. The growth potential here is fantastic and I can see this as being a great source of income for me as the numbers continue to rise.

I think that it’s fair to say that my All Inclusive Ads review would be a little more positive today than it would have been when I first posted after my initial test phase. Each of the areas that I track has shown steady growth and my business is now stronger than ever. If you are looking to make your mark in world of online marketing then I strongly suggest you give All Inclusive Ads a shot.

Sheila Seib

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OK, time for an All Inclusive Ads review update just under 7 months in...

Three months ago I shared my review of the All Inclusive Ads website advertising service. (after four months of use)

I am now approaching the seventh month mark and thought I would post my current feelings as to the effectiveness/non effectiveness of this service.

Side note: My original 4 month evaluation consisted of one All Inclusive Ads account costing me $29.99 per month. Shortly thereafter I created another All Inclusive Ads account so these past three months I have been utilizing two AIA memberships at roughly $55.00 for both.

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall - 9.5/10
Comments: 50-60% of my direct paid sales continue to come through ppc advertising, slightly up in percentage since my last review. I message all my new members to find out where they found my ad.

You Tube Videos: Overall - 8/10
Comments: Two NEW You Tube videos have been swapped out for the two old ones previously used in their campaign (support's explanation for this is the new videos delivered higher conversion rates from their own testing) Again, the first video seemed very much engineered to appeal to a mass audience looking for a very affordable entry level program, and the second was much more sophisticated, tailored for those big ticket opportunity seekers looking to spend $500+

Social Bookmarking: Overall - 7.5/10
Comments: Very similar bookmarking services continue as before...AIA member links are posted on 125 sites with targeted titles and descriptions. The majority of the stories continue to get popular quickly and are routinely dugg/voted for and received a decent amount of traffic.

Article Submission: Overall - 8.5/10
Comments: AIA support has confirmed to me that the articles routinely submitted are written by professional copywriters. AIA's advertising rotator back links are attached to each article submitted.

Blog Postings: Overall - 8/10
Comments: I continued to use the same software obtained at as before, monitoring the number of All Inclusive Ads member links found in various blogs. I noted an increase of 18 blogs upping the new total to 286. The blogs continue to target online marketers with a small percentage aimed towards new MLM seekers in general.

Not much has changed during the past 3 months since my initial All Inclusive Ads review. I am still very pleased as to what they are doing for me and my websites. They continue to deliver high quality traffic utilizing a multitude of advertising methods that cover all bases. If you're still sitting on the fence on this one then I encourage you to follow your heart just as I did 7 months ago, and sign up to All Inclusive Ads.

Sheila Seib

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

All Inclusive Ads Review

I have been a member of All Inclusive Ads advertising service for 4 months and would like to offer my brief review on what the service has done for me so far.

I am not associated with All Inclusive Ads in any way other than using their service for promoting my affiliate sites.

Below I will list the sources they spend their advertising dollars on as well as my personal findings regarding their effectiveness...

Google Adwords/ Yahoo PPC: Overall - 9/10
Comments:  Approximately 50% of their 40k monthly budget appears to be spent on ppc advertising which is very encouraging. I verified this by emailing all of the direct signups that came via. All Inclusive Ads and asked them where they found my site. Half of them replied saying through a ppc ad they clicked on.

You Tube Videos: Overall - 7.5/10
Comments: The two You Tube videos I found promoting All Inclusive Ads rotator link were very well done. The first seemed very much engineered to appeal to a mass audience looking for a very affordable entry program and the second was much fancier, tailored for those big ticket opportunity seekers looking to spend $500+

Social Bookmarking: Overall - 8/10
Comments: Members links are posted on 125 sites with targeted titles and descriptions. The majority of the stories from my links got quite popular fast and were dugg/voted for and received a healthy amount of traffic.

Article Submission: Overall - 8.5/10
Comments: Not just any article is thrown together and submitted. Upon close inspection, articles are well written by what appears to be professional copywriters. Many back links are also attached to each article. I was pleasantly surprised by this part of the service.

Blog Postings: Overall - 7/10
Comments: I used software obtained from to confirm All Inclusive Ads members links were in fact linked to over 250 different blogs (268 to be exact) The blogs were mainly targeting online marketers with a small percentage aimed towards new MLM seekers in general.

Overall based on the results I have experienced during this 4 month evaluation process, I will give All Inclusive Ads an 8.5/10 overall grade. I found their service was simple and easy to use, as well as went above and beyond what I came to expect from a $30/month advertising source. Anyone looking to consolidate their advertising efforts are greatly encouraged to run over to All Inclusive Ads and see what they have to offer.

Sheila Seib