Tuesday, 22 March 2011

All Inclusive Ads Review

I have been a member of All Inclusive Ads advertising service for 4 months and would like to offer my brief review on what the service has done for me so far.

I am not associated with All Inclusive Ads in any way other than using their service for promoting my affiliate sites.

Below I will list the sources they spend their advertising dollars on as well as my personal findings regarding their effectiveness...

Google Adwords/ Yahoo PPC: Overall - 9/10
Comments:  Approximately 50% of their 40k monthly budget appears to be spent on ppc advertising which is very encouraging. I verified this by emailing all of the direct signups that came via. All Inclusive Ads and asked them where they found my site. Half of them replied saying through a ppc ad they clicked on.

You Tube Videos: Overall - 7.5/10
Comments: The two You Tube videos I found promoting All Inclusive Ads rotator link were very well done. The first seemed very much engineered to appeal to a mass audience looking for a very affordable entry program and the second was much fancier, tailored for those big ticket opportunity seekers looking to spend $500+

Social Bookmarking: Overall - 8/10
Comments: Members links are posted on 125 sites with targeted titles and descriptions. The majority of the stories from my links got quite popular fast and were dugg/voted for and received a healthy amount of traffic.

Article Submission: Overall - 8.5/10
Comments: Not just any article is thrown together and submitted. Upon close inspection, articles are well written by what appears to be professional copywriters. Many back links are also attached to each article. I was pleasantly surprised by this part of the service.

Blog Postings: Overall - 7/10
Comments: I used software obtained from download.com to confirm All Inclusive Ads members links were in fact linked to over 250 different blogs (268 to be exact) The blogs were mainly targeting online marketers with a small percentage aimed towards new MLM seekers in general.

Overall based on the results I have experienced during this 4 month evaluation process, I will give All Inclusive Ads an 8.5/10 overall grade. I found their service was simple and easy to use, as well as went above and beyond what I came to expect from a $30/month advertising source. Anyone looking to consolidate their advertising efforts are greatly encouraged to run over to All Inclusive Ads and see what they have to offer.

Sheila Seib


Celeste Hollister said...

Hello Sheila, It's great to hear you're doing really well using All Inclusive Ads. I just started using them to promote 3 links of my own and will report back here to let you know how I make out using them. By the way, what programs are you promoting?

sheilaseib said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog Celeste. Glad to hear you're getting started with All Inclusive as well and am curious to see if your findings mirror mine (I suspect they will) I have been promoting various different websites, a couple blogs a few low cost opt in sites, a few higher ticket ones. I just signed up with gvo and google sniper as well, and I think I may try promoting those two programs with aia.

Tanya Davis said...

I have been researching on the net on updated information or experience people are having with all inclusive ads. I haven't seen much coming back to tell us how they are doing. most posts have been from 3 to 6 months ago. would anyone like to enlighten me on how you are doing with this currently? this is aug. 29th

Kenya Web developer said...

All Inclusive Advertisement is the best way to go. I did use it last month and i liked the results.

Brian Davis said...

I can see you were very meticulous in your testing of All Inclusive Ads. I myself have been using them for just over a year and can confirm that they are the real deal. Here is a video I recorded showing proof they work:

Anonymous said...

I have been looking everywhere on the internet for information regarding All Inclusive Ads information. Pros and Cons things like that. I am just so impressed with the amount of effort and work you put into this! Personally I was planning on using Google anyway but after reading your blog you confirmed to me that this is definately the best way for me to go.
Thanks again for all your hard work
T. Taylor

Bradley Birkin said...

I have been reading so many good things about this advertising service. This is a really good blog and you are helping out a lot of people with it.