Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OK, time for an All Inclusive Ads review update just under 7 months in...

Three months ago I shared my review of the All Inclusive Ads website advertising service. (after four months of use)

I am now approaching the seventh month mark and thought I would post my current feelings as to the effectiveness/non effectiveness of this service.

Side note: My original 4 month evaluation consisted of one All Inclusive Ads account costing me $29.99 per month. Shortly thereafter I created another All Inclusive Ads account so these past three months I have been utilizing two AIA memberships at roughly $55.00 for both.

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall - 9.5/10
Comments: 50-60% of my direct paid sales continue to come through ppc advertising, slightly up in percentage since my last review. I message all my new members to find out where they found my ad.

You Tube Videos: Overall - 8/10
Comments: Two NEW You Tube videos have been swapped out for the two old ones previously used in their campaign (support's explanation for this is the new videos delivered higher conversion rates from their own testing) Again, the first video seemed very much engineered to appeal to a mass audience looking for a very affordable entry level program, and the second was much more sophisticated, tailored for those big ticket opportunity seekers looking to spend $500+

Social Bookmarking: Overall - 7.5/10
Comments: Very similar bookmarking services continue as before...AIA member links are posted on 125 sites with targeted titles and descriptions. The majority of the stories continue to get popular quickly and are routinely dugg/voted for and received a decent amount of traffic.

Article Submission: Overall - 8.5/10
Comments: AIA support has confirmed to me that the articles routinely submitted are written by professional copywriters. AIA's advertising rotator back links are attached to each article submitted.

Blog Postings: Overall - 8/10
Comments: I continued to use the same software obtained at download.com as before, monitoring the number of All Inclusive Ads member links found in various blogs. I noted an increase of 18 blogs upping the new total to 286. The blogs continue to target online marketers with a small percentage aimed towards new MLM seekers in general.

Not much has changed during the past 3 months since my initial All Inclusive Ads review. I am still very pleased as to what they are doing for me and my websites. They continue to deliver high quality traffic utilizing a multitude of advertising methods that cover all bases. If you're still sitting on the fence on this one then I encourage you to follow your heart just as I did 7 months ago, and sign up to All Inclusive Ads.

Sheila Seib


Anonymous said...

Wow a very detailed and concise review, thanks for this... I just recently signed up with All Inclusive Ads and can vouche for the results you are getting.
All the best. Sharon Christina Ramone

Jeremy S. said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I've been doing my own research on aia for quite some time and was on the fence about trying this. I needed some honest feedback on how well it worked and have just got it. Thank-you kindly.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the previous 2 comments, your information is bang on and to the point. I have been using AIA for close to a year now and I think I am going to create a second account (to promote another 10 links) - Charlie Morang

Anonymous said...

I am a member of this service too, and have been getting very good traffic to my websites since joining last month. In my opinion, the best thing they've done so far is kept it super simple on my end.

Zolemia said...

I have been thinking of joining All Inclusive Ads, thank you for your detailed review. I appreciate it.

Will Robins said...

I really enjoyed the review.I have always like what I have heard about All Inclusive Ads. This just reaffirms my own opinion about this product. Great product and review. Thanks for sharing!

Braden Catt said...

This is a good ad service and a really good review. I am also using this to promote 3 of my websites and I couldn't of explained how All Inclusive Ads works better myself!