Friday, 10 August 2012

All Inclusive Ads Review (Two Year Update)

To this point you have all read about my success with All Inclusive Ads in the first 7 months of using the traffic generation service.

I believe that this is now the perfect time to fast forward and let you know how I have been doing as the 2 year mark approaches. I think this is a perfect gauge of the long-term effectiveness of a program as some tend to work well early on before faltering over time.

It’s worth noting that on the last update I had added a second account to my All Inclusive Ads program for a total of $55.00 per month. Despite the fact that I have been regularly making a very steady income that far surpasses the amount spent at AIA, I decided to stick with the 2 accounts rather than spreading myself too thin. Here are my results at the 21 month mark:

Adwords + Yahoo/Bing PPC: Overall 9.5/10
I am always loathe to give anything full marks, but am very tempted to do so when it comes to PPC advertising. I continue to follow up with every customer that buys from me and am finding that around 60-65% of all sales are coming through this avenue.

You Tube Videos: Overall 8.5/10
I mentioned last time out that All Inclusive Ads had changed out the videos from the time my initial campaign started. One of those had been delivering very well and continues to appeal to a larger audience, so that has remained in place since my last update. AIA also uses a microgig site to host another, much more professional looking video made for the big ticket spenders. The finished video looks great and the feedback on it has been fantastic so far. That accounts for the extra half point on the overall You Tube rating.

Social Bookmarking: Overall 8.5/10
I did particularly well during a 4 month span on social bookmarking as a couple of my AIA links went viral. This resulted in a really nice spike in visitors, and even though it has since dropped off, I am still routinely doing much better in the social bookmarking arena.

Article Submission: Overall 8.5/10
I have seen the page rank of my site climb a couple of points since my last update and have to assume that a good part of that is down to the backlinks created by these articles.

Blog Posting: Overall 8.5/10
I am continuing to see some real progress in this particular area, thanks again to the software I use to track AIA member links. I now see a total of 394 blogs of which contain links that are aimed at online marketers and MLM newbies. The growth potential here is fantastic and I can see this as being a great source of income for me as the numbers continue to rise.

I think that it’s fair to say that my All Inclusive Ads review would be a little more positive today than it would have been when I first posted after my initial test phase. Each of the areas that I track has shown steady growth and my business is now stronger than ever. If you are looking to make your mark in world of online marketing then I strongly suggest you give All Inclusive Ads a shot.

Sheila Seib


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this service is still delivering results near the end of 2012..I've been waiting for the right time to get on board and now looks like the perfect time ;) Brett

Felicia said...

Thank-you for this detailed review Sheila. Just what I was needing...I am going to sign-up through your AIA link now and would appreciate it if you could give me some pointers on how to get the most out of this service. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

It is just as you say Sheila. Thankyou for this blog. I joined after finding your review and immediately began receiving targeted traffic to my programs. I just referred two members of my downline team to All Inclusive Ads as well and am now compounding by results.


Macy Beaufort said...

Hello! Thank you for this review. Looking forward and hoping for great results myself.

Ninfa Carpenter said...

Figuring out if this will work for BIZ online. Traffic is what we every BIZ needs. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have received over $220 in commissions this month thanks to the All inclusive Ads service! I joined AIA after reading this blog not too long ago and just wanted to thank you personally.


Anthony said...

My Empower Network sponsor Rob Fore recommended All Inclusive Ads on his blog a few months ago and I'm thankful he did as I'm now getting more than just a few of my own EN members every week since joining AIA 5 weeks ago. Blessings!

JJ said...

So this ad site is the real deal huh..have been wondering about this one for quite some time and guess its worth joining.

Eldon Briggs said...

This looks like a pretty good ad site from what I've been seeing in google...A video review I found shows proof they deliver paying members...

I'm going to sign-up with All Inclusive Ads to promote my program based upon this blog plus that one video.

Brad Benson said...

Lots of positive reviews on You Tube for this ad site. So many that I finally broke down and joined lol. 5 days in and so far so good!:)